Special Offers

Now that Inner Being Therapy is approaching a year within Age UK it is much easier to plan ahead with bookings as the special offers get repeated every year. This saves on time thinking up new offers and money with reusing posters from previous years, passing the savings onto the client. If a particular special offer appeals to you and you can not wait till the month its on to book you can now book ahead and plan your visits to the clinic according what treatments you prefer to have months in advance.  People are already planning 3 months in advance some even with a different treatment every month adding some variety and even trying new things.  

The treatments will not be visible on the booking systems till the month they are on offer but are visible on the booking system for Inner Being Therapy so booking ahead shouldn't be an issue. You can either book ahead in the clinic or by sending a message via email or text, alternatively just complete out the contact form on the contact tab and send the message that way.

20% off to Blue Light Card Holders

(Put BLC 20% off in notes section)

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