Tropic Skincare

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Tropic Skincare, often just referred to as Tropic, is a British skincare and cosmetics company. The company does research at its Surrey headquarters, where it designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes its products.  Established in 2004 by founder Susan Ma when she was just 15 years old through selling home made goods inspired by her upbringing of Tropical North Queensland in jam jars within Greenwich Market.   The company officially became incorporated in 2011.after Suzie was a contestant on the seventh series of the Apprentice.  Sir Alan Sugars wife loved the products so much that he invested to become a 50/50 partner in Tropic.


In 2013, Tropic launched its Social Selling Business Platform with 400 founding sales people. Since then, Tropic has increased its product range to include skincare, body care, hair care, sun care, tanning serums and products designed for men, By introducing new ranges on a bi-annual basis. 

In 2018 Inner Being Therapy decided to join the Tropic family and launch the products within the clinic. Using products only available within the wholesales meant that they could not be used by clients as part of their home care routine. Tropic is available to anyone and can be delivered to the clinic or to the clients home, whichever the client prefers. 

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